Develop production Test Methods & Automation solution in combination of Software, Electronics and Fixtures. Customer’s Test Specification is strictly followed.

Our designed solutions have successfully been deployed into Multi National Companies factories and Local Design companies.


Smart Meter 1Phase, 3Phase, HANs
test – AC, DC, Quiescent, Opto, Default data loading, Relay driver, Cal V-I-W, RTC, Tamper check, ZigBee, Functional test

Mobile Phone, 3G Dongle
test – 2G/3G RF, Acoustic, Gang Flash programming, Functional test

Tablet, BT Headset, Automotive-Infotainment
test – WLAN, BlueTooth, ZigBee, GPS, FM, Functional test


Fan Tester (PLC)
test – Flow rate, Load current, Power, Shutter control, Thermal trigger


Switch Tester (PLC)
test – Switch Contact, AC lamp, Screws


To optimize production test time, we can create sequences of test methods (in the PC) to automate test steps controlling fixtures sequence, various measurement instruments, PC cards and the DUT (Device Under Test) itself.


The same philosophy can be used in high volume repair site to cut down diagnosis and repair cycle time.

Less test time means less resources, less equipment investment, less floor space, thereby enabling better dollar savings and happier customer.

Project Experiences

RF Test System
FCT Test System
Smart Meter Test System
Infotainment Test System
Design House
Engineering Prototype Test System



  • Combined development experience of 25 years launching 5 products to High Volume sites
  • RF products, BlueTooth products, Logic products
  • Smart-meter test measurement
  • Flash programming: JTAG Atmel, Teridean
  • C++, C# & Labview
  • PLC Integration (Autonics)
  • Test sequencer: TestStand, TestExecSL, Saab TM, Indx TM
  • Meas Instruments: Agilent, R&S, NI, Keithley, Fluke, Tektronix
  • Best practice: Generic Test platform for Modular Test Methods re-use



Smart Meter

Electric Drill Controller (10up)

Battery Board Indicator (5Up)

AC Switch & Neon Lamp Tester