Develop vision test solution for monochrome LCD pattern recognition, Keypad characters, screws presence & orientation, etc.




To replace human inspection method which can subject to Quality error and Longer test time.

Having a Low cost Automated Inspection tester is a good alternative.

Our vision method is tested against required acceptance criteria (including Lighting) for consistent Quality.

With knowledgable software & mathematical modelling, test time can be greatly reduced compared to human eye. This enhances throughtput for our customer’s production.

Project Experiences

Vision system for Mobile Phone with different Keypad variants
Vision system for Monochrome LCD test in Metering device such as Smart meter, Calculator, Counters, etc
Vision system for Mounting screw detection.


Our designed solutions have successfully passed strenuous regression test to avoid HW and SW instability issues.


  • Self developed vision test algorithm using camera.
  • Low cost test system.
  • Test time optimization. Grouping & cropping
  • Backlight optimization
  • Slanting Dut Capture vs Template. Adapting within allowable angle, instead of hard fail.
  • Smart-meter LCD test